Medifeel Treatment Areas

Medifeel® 12mg (2ml)


Medifeel® 12mg is an innovative anti-aging mesotherapy treatment. It treats fine lines and wrinkles and unifies the complexion due to its overall brightening & hydrating effect on the skin.

Therefore, the 12mg treatment can be used on the face, neck, and décolletage to treat early signs of ageing.

Medifeel® 20mg (1ml)

 Medifeel® 20mg is an innovative anti-aging mesotherapy treatment and an effective injectable dermal filler for treating signs of ageing.

This treatment is recommended to combat wrinkles/lines around the lips (perioral) forehead and eye/eyebrow area (peri-orbital) wrinkles. With more less viscosity than the 12mg product, this treatment creates more structure and volume when injected. 

Medifeel® 25mg (1ml)

Medifeel® 25mg is an innovative anti-aging mesotherapy treatment. It’s indicated for the treatment of medium to established wrinkles, as well as addressing the loss of volume in areas such as the nasolabial folds. 

This product is particularly versatile and can be used to treat all areas of the face. It is especially designed for lip augmentations as it creates volume and lift while creating smooth results. 

Medifeel® 28mg (1ml)

Medifeel® 28mg is the most robust formula in the Medifeel® range, offering an effective solution to the deepest signs of aging. It is designed to restore volume to the face by treating the most entrenched folds & furrows such as the nasolabial folds or the ”jowl’ area.

It can significantly increase the volume of the cheeks and cheekbones and is perfect for reshaping/contouring the face.


Product Recommendation by Dermal Layer 

The Medifeel® range is designed to be injected at different depths to create different results on each particular area.   

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